Among Us

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The game, which is now breaking all popularity records, and this is not surprising, because it is really interesting, you can see for yourself. You will not play by yourself, but in the composition of 4 to 10 players from all over the world. Active actions will take place on a spaceship, but the problem is very difficult for him to fly up, because such information has reached that there is a traitor among you. Now the task is to calculate it, because it obviously will not add confidence to you in flight. The little people you will control are very similar to dwarfs in spacesuits, just look how colorful they are. It turned out that in theory anyone can be an impostor and, by and large, destroy all the local passengers who are flying somewhere. This traitor can use to cause chaos among all. He also uses sabotage and other forces to create a terrible situation inside.


WASD – move
Left mouse button – select
E – interaction and ranged combat
R – for report
Q – murder for the impostor
M – card