Apocalypse Moto

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The hero of the game Apocalypse Moto lives in a world where zombies live along with people and which of them will ultimately remain at the top of the food chain is not yet clear, the battle continues. The guy is a motorcycle racer by profession. In the past, he often raced and even won several prestigious competitions. But all this is a thing of the past, the zombovirus has made its own adjustments and confusion in the usual human life. Nowadays it’s every man for himself and the former racer is trying to survive like most people. He intends to escape from the places where his home was and find a safer place. Now, where he lived before, zombies dominate and the only thing that can be done is to flee. Help the guy get away as far as possible. To do this, you just need to jump over obstacles, including over zombies that will meet on the way.