captains among us

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In the game “captains among us”, you will find yourself onboard a space rocket that is already flying to the stars. Your character will be a traitor who plans to take control of the ship and destroy the entire team. It will be very interesting to go over to the evil side and play a traitor, won’t it? Sometimes the role of a pest and a villain can be enjoyed by even the most positive people!

How to play?
As soon as you find yourself on board the rocket, proceed to study the compartments. The traitor needs to find the keys to the main room and the captain’s cabin. They are in the cabins of the spacecraft, which are carefully guarded by cosmonauts and policemen. Watch out for them! Do not let law enforcement officers close to you, otherwise you will perish. You will have throwing knives at your disposal. Throw them at enemies, but do not do it in vain, because there will be a limited number of them.

To perform a certain action, you need to use the buttons in the right corner of the game. There are two attack keys. The first button is used to attack the cops and the second is used to kill the captain. And this is your main goal! This unusual space adventure will be a welcome treat for fans of the game “Among Us”. Enjoy your game and good luck!