Death Worm

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Killer Worm is a fun action game in which you have to control a killer worm to destroy an army of enemies! The military made a huge mistake when they decided to build a base near your lair. But in order to drive them out of your territory, you will have to fight against detachments of armed soldiers, a whole unit of grenade launchers, combat helicopters, tanks and even jet fighters. Devour soldiers, lizards and other underground insects to restore the lost number of lives.

How to play?
Use the arrow keys to move the giant underground worm. Use a sharp dash to quickly close your attack distance or hide underground. You need to move underground and jump to the surface in the place where the most enemy infantry is located. Help a huge worm absorb as many opponents as possible while dodging heavy fire from heavy machine guns. When the red bar is full, you will have the opportunity to activate the rage mode, which for a while will significantly increase your movement speed and make you immune to any damage. For the destruction of enemy soldiers, you will receive gold coins, which you can use to improve such characteristics as: the number of lives, air supply, speed, acceleration and dash range. To replenish the oxygen level, you will have to surface or use the first aid kit. After all, if the indicators on the blue scale reach a critical point, then the amount of your health will begin to rapidly decrease. Death Worm has 4 unique locations such as desert, green meadows, snowy plains and the Mariana Trench. You will also have access to 2 modes, namely: arcade and survival mode. To successfully complete the levels, you need to gobble up a certain number of enemies. Good luck!