Hello Neighbor 3

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The online game “Hello Neighbor Alpha 3” may seem unnecessarily cruel to some, even in spite of its cartoon graphics. It is hardly worth playing for young children. But cynical adults will delight in it. In the game, you can not only spy on what a neighbor is doing but calmly kill him and even family members. Moreover, you can destroy everyone in 3 different ways. To discover the secret of elimination, you will have to move the cursor around the room, trying to interact with objects. Having found the desired option, it remains only to observe the death of the victim and convey the last greetings. If you want to see all the deaths, you will have to play the game “Hello neighbor alpha 3” several times, starting the passage again. Since the action takes place online, there is nothing to download. Access is open for free. It is desirable to have a good internet speed so that there are no freezes.