Momo Horror Story

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Momo Horror Story is a free online game for an interesting pastime for gamers who like horror games. Play mini flash games and have a lot of fun!

The online game “Momo Horror Story” invites horror fans to plunge into the cesspool of nightmares in the den of a terrible witch. In the game, you woke up in the pitch darkness of an unfamiliar house. You were kidnapped and imprisoned in your dungeon by the terrible woman Momo. What you need from this fierce monster that the whole district fears are not known. But rumor has it that Momo tortures his victims with fear of death. You can be saved in horror only by escaping from a terrible house. Rather, take in the game to explore the building with the keys hidden in it. They will help you unravel the secret of Momo. Be careful in the horror, because the old woman Momo not only howls in an otherworldly voice, making her shiver but also attacks unexpectedly, causing her to freeze with fear. more horror games