Piggy Book 2

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Uncover the mysteries surrounding the pink pig in Piggy Book 2. But for this you have to survive, and it will not be easy. The wicked mistress of the house does not like it when people break in to her without an invitation. And the gamer has no choice, he begins his passage of fun already from the dwelling of a pig with a bat. The antagonist does not part with his “weapon” even for a moment, and is eager to meet uninvited guests right now.

Place cunning traps using the Ctrl key to catch the main villainess of the addictive horror game. Collect items that may be useful to you in the further passage. It is not known where a seemingly insignificant item will be needed. Piggy Book 2 is a sequel to the first part, and promises many interesting adventures and challenges for the fans of the Roblox world. Try to stay safe and sound!