Secret Neighbor 2

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The game in front of you was created based on Hello Neighbor, so don’t be surprised that it looks a lot like it. The essence of the Secret Neighbor toy is to search the neighbor’s basement and learn all his secrets. Do not think that the players just took, and began to climb into the basement like thieves – no. Everything is completely different here, because a neighbor recently settled in the local quarter. His behavior is so strange that it seems that he is up to something, maybe even blow up the planet. From his basement, unusual sounds are constantly heard, as if there are aliens, or maybe previously unseen monsters

Features of the game:

The player has the right to choose for whom to play, for a neighbor, or for the guys who will break into the basement. Since the game is online, you will need to choose which team to play for, blue or red. If you have chosen to keep the defense, then you should know that it is important to be careful, because a hunter for secrets can break through any door, into any gap, and then you can officially declare that you have been defeated. Otherwise, if you play as characters who want to find out what the space behind the basement door is fraught with, then you will need to attack the door in every possible way in order to break into the desired area. The more careful you are, the less likely you are to be noticed.

Interact with real players, make friends with them. Sometimes you have to rescue them from the traps that the neighbor has laid. Sometimes they will pull you out of trouble.


Arrows – Walk
Space – jump
Mouse – shot
E – Take an object and get into the car
V – throw an item
M – exit to the menu