Secret Neighbor

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Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer game that was created based on Hello Neighbor, where gamers can themselves become a Neighbor. In fact, the Neighbor is hiding among the various members of the group of real users. One gamer, taking the role of a hidden neighbor, will be able to use various gadgets and house features to fight and defend the basement.

Secret Neighbor – Multiplayer Horror

Not only should the main team of friends work together to free their friend from the basement, they also need to find out who the neighbor is before it is too late. Participants who play as children will win if they can penetrate the basement. Otherwise, it is the Neighbor who will win, as he will successfully hide his secrets and stop the group of curious kids.

Yes, you can play as a Neighbor

The presented horror will take you to the universe of the game Hello Neighbor, where a team of children tries to get into the house and climb into the basement to save his friend. Their friend disappeared, and they suspect that he is in the basement. But not everything is so simple, there are many obstacles and problems that will prevent it from being done. One of the team members is a traitor, a hidden neighbor who has changed clothes and knows everything that is happening. He can secretly use various objects in the house to stop children. The spy will need to not only hide, but also try to earn the trust of the company, otherwise all his secrets will be made public.

At this time, this group of “rescue” children will have to drag their friends out of the traps, look for keys around the house, and the like. But if you are lucky enough to become a Neighbor, then you can scare everyone, confuse and use all the objects in the house for your own good.