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SOMA is a fantastically sci-fi horror game that follows all the classic horror rules. The action of the toy took place not somewhere out there, in an invisible space, but in a real super research center, where the inexplicable and mysterious constantly happens. The funny thing is that this game is programmed in an amazing way, that it completely lacks any kind of weapon. But a lot of great obstacles await you, each of them has to be overcome, guided by common sense and logical thinking.

The application starts with a captivating and entertaining prologue. The central character woke up in a modern, comfortable apartment. Around it are spread a million small objects, including books and photographs. Each lying object can be examined, turned in your palms, wrinkled in your hands, touched. Each little thing is able to tell a story and give a brief description of the protagonist. Our guy from SOMA is a simple Canadian boy Simon Jarrett, he is a bookstore employee. He recently got into a car accident and suffered a head injury. The young man is to visit doctors and do a scan of the cerebral cortex. Empty chatting on a cell phone, viewing e-mail, walking along long hospital corridors and taking the subway … We are convinced that it will be interesting to play the adventures of such a hero. The passage will be unforgettable.